inspiratie interieurbeslag deurkrukken interieur ontwerpenAfter working for years with the interior and the interior industry, it is a logical consequence that many ideas arise and that you follow and recognize many trends and developments. In addition, knowledge about styles and the origins of the interior is being developed more and more by studying the history of the interior (by studying art history for example), looking for the current styles and watching for the next trend. We would like to share this information. We are currently working on completing the inspiration component within the site Among other things, a column will be published in which an interior architect will describe the trends and will present her ideas. In addition, the ideas that wander around the company will be given a place and background information will be provided on the styles that have been reviewing over the years / decades. Because not everything can be realized at the same time, we now choose to make the range and the associated information as comprehensive as possible. Behind the scenes, however, work is being done to also launch this part of the site as quickly as possible.